Where is index location on Database?

Where is index location on Database? 

Hi guys today I will show smoothing is easy but more important to know about it {Where is the index live} by the below DMV we can return all the index with table name and with File group hosted on it , another thing you can use this DMV to know the heap tables , Clustered index , non-Clustered index SOURCE POST

Index Location:


SELECT ps.data_space_id
, f.name
, d.physical_name
FROM sys.filegroups f
JOIN sys.database_files d ON d.data_space_id = f.data_space_id
JOIN sys.destination_data_spaces dds ON dds.data_space_id = f.data_space_id
JOIN sys.partition_schemes ps ON ps.data_space_id = dds.partition_scheme_id


SELECT f.data_space_id
, f.name
, d.physical_name
FROM sys.filegroups f
JOIN sys.database_files d ON d.data_space_id = f.data_space_id
SELECT [ObjectName] = OBJECT_NAME(i.[object_id])
, [IndexID] = i.[index_id]
, [IndexName] = i.[name]
, [IndexType] = i.[type_desc]
, [Partitioned] = CASE WHEN ps.data_space_id IS NULL THEN ‘No’
ELSE ‘Yes’
, [StorageName] = ISNULL(ps.name, f.name)
, [FileGroupPaths] = CAST(( SELECT name AS “FileGroup”
, physical_name AS “DatabaseFile”

WHERE i.data_space_id = c.data_space_id
FROM [sys].[indexes] i
LEFT JOIN sys.partition_schemes ps ON ps.data_space_id = i.data_space_id
LEFT JOIN sys.filegroups f ON f.data_space_id = i.data_space_id
WHERE OBJECTPROPERTY(i.[object_id], ‘IsUserTable’) = 1
ORDER BY [ObjectName], [IndexName]


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