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Before the Startup (Paul Graham)


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Blockchain in E-Government

Published on PCWorld.al This technology in the continues years has the potential and the purpose change of doing business in many fields of Information technology (IT) Web, Cloud, Big data etc.                

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Many GPS Tracking Services Expose User Location, Other Data

Researchers discovered that many online services designed for managing location tracking devices are affected by vulnerabilities that expose potentially sensitive information. Source: securityweek

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Deloitte Says ‘Very Few’ Clients Hit by Hack

Deloitte said Monday that “very few” of the accounting and consultancy firm’s clients were affected by a hack after a news report said systems of blue-chip clients had been breached. Deloitte said it immediately contacted government authorities and the affected … Continue reading

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German elections vulnerable to hacking: ‘cyber-warfare’ say security pros

Chaos Computer Club warned that software being used to tabulate and transmit vote totals in Germany’s upcoming parliamentary elections contains major vulnerabilities; election hacking equals cyber-warfare says security pros On Thursday last week hackers from the Germany-based Chaos Computer Club … Continue reading

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Could CareFirst Data Breach Case Be Headed to Supreme Court?

Federal Court Grants Health Plan’s Petition to Appeal to High Court Source: inforisktoday Could the class action lawsuit filed against CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield after a 2014 cyberattack impacting 1.1 million individuals be the first data breach case headed to the … Continue reading

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Massive IoT Exploit: More than 1,700 valid Telnet credentials for IoT devices leaked online

Security researchers are warning of the availability online of a list of IoT devices and associated telnet credentials. The list has been available on Pastebin since June, but last week it was also shared via Twitter by the researcher Ankit … Continue reading

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