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How to create backup to multiple disk files

By using Ms SQL Server any edition you can  create a full backup to multiple disk file, which is the best solution. In a steps of one Job you can do it by using this Transact SQL, as it follows: … Continue reading

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Big news from TechEd Europe, SQL Server 2014 CTP1 is now available for download

get your hands on the bits here!http://msft.it/6039kfa9

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Show Off Your SQL Server Spirit With Community Badges

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Being part of the SQL Server community is a fantastic thing! Not only do you have the technical support of a global community, but you also have the strength the SQL Server community behind you offline as well! We know … Continue reading

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Microsoft Wants Your Feedback on SQL Server 2012!

Do you use SQL Server 2012? What features do you like? What could be improved? Would you recommend it to others? Let everyone know what you think on our new Customer Reviews page. This page is meant to be a place for … Continue reading

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DATABASE Configuration and Maintenance

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Files and Filegroups SQL Server to store in the database uses two different types of files: data and transaction log files. Instead of defining the storage of objects directly to a data file, SQL Server provide an abstraction layer for … Continue reading

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Benefits, advantages of Database Mirroring to Clustering

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Database mirroring is a reliable, high-availability solution in SQL Server 2008. It will help you get the database back online with automatic or manual failover to your mirror database. We also discuss the database snapshot, which you can use with … Continue reading

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In the list below i have listed some of the preferences of SQL Server 2008, work that we come across we need to change, enabling or disabling these options or opportunities of SQL Server 2008.   SQL Server Service must … Continue reading

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