Concept and basics of Temporal tables in SQL Server 2016

In this article I’ll cover all aspects of a new SQL Server 2016 feature, Temporal Tables (System-Versioned), including:

  • Introduction
  • What is a temporal table?
  • Why Temporal table?
  • How does temporal table work?
  • Consideration and limitation
  • Temporal tables vs CDC
  • Creation and configuration
  • Clean up and removal
  • References


AS we know, Microsoft released SQL Server 2016 RTM version (13.00.1601.5) and in November of 2016 updated it by the latest CU (Security Bulletin MS16-136 (CU) KB #3194717) (13.0.2186.0) you can check this update from here.


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Understanding Trace Flags in SQL Server & Its Implementation

Trace Flags in SQL Server are used for either setting up a server characteristic or for switching off a server behavior. They help generate information about internal activities of the server, which primarily helps the developers of SQL server to troubleshoot their codes. Continue reading

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How to Recover Database From Emergency Mode in SQL Server

There are many scenarios SQL Server database becomes inaccessible because it is marked as Suspected. When the database is in suspected mode, user cannot access and cannot perform transaction on that data until it comes back to online mode. In addition, if the backup is not generated before database corruption, user cannot perform any action.

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Resolving SQL Server Transaction Log Waits

What is SQL Server Wait Type?

In SQL server, wait type is a time period for which the processes stays in the local buffer. Until the log record writing process is not completed, it remains in the log buffer. It provides a high-level information of the particular process or a query on which the user is working upon. Moreover Continue reading

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Effortlessly Repair Clustered Index In SQL Server


Most of the users of SQL Server need to deal with several issues while working with the database including corruption related problems. One of the common issue is corruption of clustered index. The data becomes inaccessible to the user when this issue occurs in MS SQL Server. Inaccessibility of the database may be the worst situation for the users working on the database. Continue reading

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SQL Server can be installed on Linux

SQL Loves Linux_2_Twitter (002)

Announcing SQL Server on Linux more…

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Configure AlwaysOn Availability Groups: Step by Step

An Overview of AlwaysOn Availability Groups

An AlwaysOn Availability groups in SQL Server provides high availability for a set of user databases called availability databases that failover together. Each group supports a set of primary databases and multiple secondary databases. The availability database set is hosted by availability replica. Single primary replica hosts the primary databases and multiple secondary replica to host sets of multiple secondary databases. An availability replica provides redundancy only at the database level for set of databases one availability group.

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